Graphicriver - what happen to items?


just for example -> food menu templates section have 60 pages. My question is what happens to old templates because latest one is from march 2015 ? What if there was items older than this ? what happens to them ? They are still able to search but they won’t be found if someone just switching the pages to last one ?

Only goes up to 60. People need to narrow their search down to get it under 60 pages. Although you can swap the order in any search criteria so the oldest will show up first, or the most expensive, worst seller etc.

that’s what I expected. People can think there’s no more items than this on 60 pages. In grid view you have 1800 items at all - on food menu section is 2600 at all, so more than 800 items are hide. That’s not good.

I think envato shuld at least inform people about this -> “Please search for you item to see more” or something like this.