Why Can't I pay Directly using my VISA Card?

Trying to buy a theme from Themeforest, but I don’t see the option for paying directly via VISA/MasterCard. Only PayPal and Skrill are available. While Skrill is blocked in my country by the central government due to issues with money laundering, PayPal itself does not allow people from my country to open an account.

Originally, Envato says that there is support directly for a VISA Card, but it does not appear on my profile.

I raised a support ticket (2236223) regarding this, but that has not seen any replies either :frowning:

What is the way out?

Hi @eshpelinmishtak ,

Please give time to support team to get back to you. Hope they will reply as quickly they can.


Are you sure you need an account to pay via Paypal? Don’t you just need to enter your card info and that’s it?

Nope. I have to enter my country (the list does not have my country name), and my phone number (phones from my country aren’t supported). So the whole transaction cannot be made.