Why are ThemeForest review times *still* horrendously slow?

What’s going on here, guys?

I undertand there were some pains a while back in regards to some security issues and whatnot, but with that behind us and with new reviewers on board, why are we still waiting 2 weeks for an item to be reviewed? What happened to the exisiting review team?

It seems like something that should be swiftly improved but it’s still dragging on, horrendously?

Lots of variables can affect review times including:

  • number of items in queue
  • number of reviewers “working” (it’s holiday season so some may be taking a break)
  • complexity of items in the queue . if you have 100 psd, they are easier to review then 100 WP themes

Reviews will take as long as they will take, you can’t really hurry them up, it takes a lot of time to change a queue from 2 weeks to 1 week, but only 1 of the above to change the queue to 2 weeks from 1…

Don’t worry about the queue, either take a break from work while it’s in queue or start working on another item :smile:

There was a tread that review times went up again to 10 - 11 business days.


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No theme approved in last 24 hours. Whats going on?