22 days and still counting for theme review. Unusual, isn't it?



One of my themeforest item was submitted 22 days ago and it is still in the queue for review. The average review time of ThemeForest theme is 19 days. It is already exceeded. My concern is, my item is really in the queue? Or it has been missing from the queue anyhow and it won’t be reviewed anymore? If reviewer team somehow missed my item, then I need to delete the item and upload it once again. But I am not sure what is really going on there. If it is still in the queue and reviewer will review it today or tomorrow, I can wait. But, the problem is I am not sure what is happening with the item.

If anybody got similar experience earlier, please share. I am bit confused.



Depends on the type of submission. If it is a WordPress theme, the review turnaround time is around 35-40 days at present.


Hang on mate, we are waiting from 38days now so if you get the answer/review in a month time, count yourself lucky :smiley:


If it’s WordPress theme you are only at the beginning :). We are in the queue for 45 days now.


Wow… Looks like themeforest reviewer reviewing themes so fast these days :slight_smile: . Just a couple of months ago the review time was around 2 weeks, and now the usual review time is around 2 months.