Why am I Featured on Activeden? waste.

I’m scratching my head as to why I’m featured on Activeden when I don’t have any Activeden files for sale??
Thanks I guess but a feature on Themeforest would be nicer?? :slight_smile:

Fail… congrats, anyway! :wink:

@anon34005762 Strange! Not sure what happened there. I’ll let the team know who take care of featured authors. Might be moot though with the forthcoming closure of AD later this month. Either way, thanks so much for letting us know. :thumbsup:

Update: It looks like there’s been a fond, retrospective nod to all the successful and popular ActiveDen authors over the years as the site winds down, hence the feature. Consider yourself an ActiveDen legend, @anon34005762, even though your AD items are no longer with us. :thumbsup:

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