Who wants help me my psd?

Hi to all:
Someone who wants to help my PSD is soft rejected? please reply not are bad with me.

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There is no preview

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Please increase menu bar padding and use slider overlay color, you slider image looks very light. it also your slider title text look very large. you need to make it small. Please use paragraph font 14px or 15px.

your paragraph text look very low color means readability issue. please use paragraph text color #333.

please change all section yellow bg color it looks very bad. you need to change it.

you need to improved your appointment form

you have still spacing issue in pricing table. you need to fixed it.

and try to all section top and bottom spacing similar.

Thank you

Thanks for your help me but I already use fonts 15px but I not understand because soft rejected :frowning:

Please fix your all problem, what i say. you can use paragraph font
Poppins and font size 14px.
then submit your template.


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14px too small difficult read :frowning: my imac screen is 1920x1080

if you think 14px looks very small, please use 15px

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I same try 14px but if soft rejected I will use 15px, a question, when I finish my psd do I can upload my psd again there forum? you will help me again, thanks.

ok, thank you

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url: demo1.jerithemes.com/02_homepage.jpg

Now yes? or wrong again, Do I can resubmit themeforest? please help me check my themes thanks.

Jerika give me your skype name

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I can see your still issue there. please send me your skype id via email. I will help you for this.


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my id skype is JeriThemes :slight_smile:

Hi, I just checked your link.

Typography requires significant improvements. Especially modicar the weights of the sources since there is a lack of hierarchy in the design, and to modify the spaces.

There are sections with excessive contrast or a lack of color selects, try to make those changes.

Good luck with your presentation

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Many thanks :slight_smile: regards.