Help me know what the errors are. PSD with Soft Rejection



This has been rejected 7 times and I do not know what else to change, says that I have to make adjustments in the typographic hierarchy but I have already changed it several times (colors, sizes, etc), also that the color palette needs additional adjustments, I changed the colors
4 times, they say that there are misalignments and spacing but I have accommodated the spacing between the sections several times and I have made sure that they have a uniform spacing, I KNOW THAT SOME PARTS HAVE A LOW CONTRAST IN THE GRAY ZONES. Help me and load screen, example, etc. and do not give a superficial or general help.
I have already fixed this file 7 times Help please:confused::disappointed_relieved:


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I hope help you approved you psd but all pages same need change to color, spacing.

I forgot say that:

hierarchy change to size 30px, add color purple, and capital letters. text title “about us”, what e do etc

Good Luck.



Thank you very much for your response and the image but the whole color palette purple or purple with green?


I think that purple with green is bad colors, I think that purple dark with purple light maybe good colors.

you can search other colors


Thank You


the titles have a size of 36pt and you tell me to change it to 30px? Is not it going to be smaller?


if to small 30px than you can use capital letters or no need change 36pt to 30pt but change only colors.


A Question:

Your psd is approved now or yet not? thanks.


I have to fix it to upload it, i’ll upload it here before after loading it for review


I hope you wll approved :slight_smile:

Good luck



It´s Correct?


it’s better colors but I think that not approved it, like purple other color:

#353d81 and #5c6be7 it’s good colors




Now yes it’s better colors :slight_smile:


and the alignment,space, etc
it´s good ?


you need learn to size pages.-



Yes, it’s better spacing