Who Can Clarify These? (Standard License for Elements Audio)

Okay… I’ve been looking around and I just cannot find a clear answer to these questions. Hopefully several knowledgeable people can contribute to demystify this question.

As it concerns Envato Elements Standard License (not Audio Jungle, P.R.O., etc), does the license grant us permission to use the music tracks for commercial use in the following…

  1. Commercial YouTube uploaded videos
  2. Commercial YouTube Live videos
  3. Commercial Websites as tracks played in a player but not downloadable
  4. Commercial Websites as tracks played as background music
  5. Commercial Instagram feed posts with video
  6. Commercial Instagram IGTV videos
  7. Commercial Instagram video Reels
  8. Commercial Instagram stories with video
  9. Commercial Pinterest video posts
  10. Commercial Facebook video posts

**If you know the answers, kindly reply like “12 - Yes, 13 - No” If you do not know one, please skip.
Feel free to explain your response, but I’m hoping to make it easy to follow.

Thanks for your contribution!! :smiley:

In this case you’re probably best opening an help ticket and the license experts can assist :grin:

Envato Elements Help and Support

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Most web uses are allowed by the Audiojungle Music Standard license upon which the Element licensing model is based. So, yes to all your bullet points.

Who are these mysterious license experts? Why haven’t we heard from them, despite the hot issues the music licenses have stirred in these forums for all these years?

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They may actually be cyborgs. At least I feel like I need a computer chip in my brain when they start talking about the complexity of licensing.

Granted we want to have licencing options that are simple and straightforward and cover what the customers need. But with the legality and plethora of use options, it’s sadly not that simple. However the team does regularly examine and explore the options.


Did you miss the point of my question? Or are you purposefully deflecting? With you, I never know.

I can certainly understand frustrations, but why would you think attacking me personally (even if it’s shaded in passive aggressive words) would ever make me want to answer your question?

We’re part of a community here and as our guidelines clearly state:

We value and preserve the right to be critical of decisions made, but that criticism must:

  • Be directed at ideas, never people or groups.
  • Be delivered in a way that endeavours to be respectful and constructive.

We’re trying to work together to make things better. Not all our decisions will be 100% in favour of a particular author’s preference, but we hope to find a decent balance between author and customer needs. And we constantly monitor and adjust as we go.

But if a person wants to be constantly negative and attack people, then I’m sorry but this isn’t the community for you.


Fair enough, that was indeed a passive aggressive attack. For that I apologize. I just don’t understand why there can’t be open channels between the license experts and the author community.

Anyway, sorry for being constantly negative, that’s not who I want to be, so I guess I’ll take a break.

All the best!


No worries. I know it’s hard and it’s been a while since I’ve been in the author side of things and I know things have slipped with our communication and community issues. We’re really trying to address that now. Please give our new team a bit of time to get our Flintstone feet running :grin:


Actually they exist. I had contact with the highest tier of them in a very complex case. And I had to wait months for their two answers :slight_smile: For simpler questions they answer pretty fast.

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