About license. How acceptable is the use of music in this form?

Hello to all Community,

Periodically I receive requests for claim releases from Content ID systems. And more and more often I come across YouTube videos that are essentially collections of music in certain genres.

Here are examples of some such videos:

How acceptable is the use of music in this form under the Envato Elements license? I am confused by the 11th point in the terms of use, namely:

‘You can’t redistribute or make available the Item as-is or with superficial modifications.’

Tell me, please, is it allowed, is it normally to use music in this form? Maybe I’m worrying for nothing?

Many Thanks!

The music is being distributed for itself, not as a background for a project that’s bigger in scope. This clearly is not allowed as per Envato’s terms.

They can try and argue that the music is being used as background music for their videos, but since their videos are mere supports for the music, this cannot hold.

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Technically he have rights to use music, but 99% chance his channel wont be monetized, because of no original content.

What makes you say that? Envato’s terms clearly state otherwise.

He not selling music or end product as is. His intention not upload music, but help his listeners relax watching his videos. For example, my video backgrounds peoples using in similar way, without any changes and i happy because my items was useful to someone.

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In general, everything is ambiguous. At the same time, it is not very correct use, but everything seems to be fine…

It may be different for video backgrounds, but when it comes to music, the terms are pretty clear. And this type of use is clearly breaching the terms.

It would have been fine if some sort of “guided meditation” voice over had been added. But this is not the case, the music is the end product here, as the video titles imply, and this is simply not allowed.


So it will be the same if I will buy wind sound effect and mixing with maybe hair dryer sound or other nature sound?
Or mixing means that you “create” something new and is allowed in this case?

mix, I mean, it’s just a sequence of tracks, continuous. Something similar, like a DJ mix. In this sense.

I know your point. But I’m talking about another exaple.
Not a sequence but overlapped. Rain and wind i.e.
This is ok or is the same and now allowed? Using 2 sounds is considered a new sound or 2 separate sound “as is” (so in the same case that you quoted before)?

I do not know how it works with sounds. In my example, we are talking about music and without overlays.