Which theme is the best in respect to Speed and performance

Google has said that the core web vitals are going to be a major SEO ranking factor from May 2021. I want to know is there any theme or suggestion for me?

A theme which has low LCP , speed index, FCP ?

You will see speed as a common claim to fame on many many items. Generally speaking the themes from the most established authors will likely be, at least better, when it comes to things like this.

BUT - just like speed is just one factor behind ranking (Google may be adding more weight in the near future, but it’s been a consideration for some time)… the theme you are using is also only one factor behind influencing this, and not something to become too preoccupied with at of it causes the other reasons to be overlooked or devalued.

Bear in mind:

  • the best theme in the world hosted on www.crappy-budget-shared-hosting.com will still run slowly

  • the demos on here are not a true reflection of a themes speed as they will be showcasing a huge array of features and functionality at the same time which no real life website would be doing

  • once you have a theme you have to invest time in optimising content, assets, scripts, stripping out unnecessary stuff

  • even then your ranking is an ongoing process which will need effort

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Thanks for replying charliee …

Do you think that a total amp only website will be perfect? i just want my LCP, CLS to be low .

Do you you think that generate press will be good to use as the base and then designing the rest instead on using a readymade theme ?

A huge factor will be what the site needs to look like and do and the other optimisation opportunities that exist eg content, social sharing etc.

Working with the right partner to create a custom solution that prevents the inevitable bloat of a stock template (that’s not a criticism - just how things need to be) will almost certainly be better. That said it’s not generally necessary to achieve decent results.

Even then - the theme really is only a part; of course it is important and is a connection in the puzzle but focussing too much on just this will not solve your problem.

The issue with a lot of those trends/best practice d articles is that they generalise and assume a lot and do not consider the bigger picture

For example to reduce your LCP, you could reduce the render blocking scripts (not necessarily that easy) but even caching/optimising assets, not bloated content, and ensuring you have decent hosting or ideally a CDN will help just as much if not more and are not things that the choice of theme will dictate.

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