How to choose the SEO ready theme?

Hi guys!

I have finally decided Generatepress a theme for my blog. I want to know your reviews.

Actually, there is an issue. I am very new to the online world. I have no idea about websites and SEO stuff. I am just watching the youtube lectures and implementing the stuff.

In one of the last videos I watched and where an instructor recommended choosing a theme that is lightweight and has fast speed. Now, how to find a theme that is lightweight and SEO ready.

How a normal person can know if the theme is SEO ready or not?

I want some SEO expert or best theme chooser to guide me about having the best themes.

I will wait for your response.

While speed and build are important, these are only some of the necessary considerations to optimise for search.

Most of the bigger and popular themes are SEO ready but themes are not SEO optimised out of the box and it requires initial and ongoing optimisation on our part.

You also need to consider (far from a finite list)

  • a combination of things that make up Google’s Web Core Vitals

  • the initial content which you are putting on the site, how it is written and published

  • ongoing content that you can add/publish

  • what links or social that you include

  • what hosting you are running (which will potentially dramatically influence speed and user experience)

  • the use of plugins to help optimise search efforts e.g. Yoast

  • if you are planning to pay for search ads or rely solely on organic traffic

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