Looking For The Best Theme As Design & Speed


I want to design my blog website and looking for the best theme which can help me to design my website easily. Also I want the best speed of website so anyone here who can suggest or recommend me the theme which I’m looking for.

Thank You!

For WordPress? Or other blog/CMS?

For WordPress, But it should be clean and easy SEO optimizing also please

Have you checked the blog section at ThemeForest? There’re lots of different design approach themes, most of them should be fine but the issue is what kind of design you’d prefer to use on your website. Depending on the design ( minimal, classic, magazine, etc )

Thanks for the recommendation on exploring the blog section at Themeforest! I’ll definitely check that out. However, I’m on the lookout for a website layout design to https://getcapcutapp.com/ or https://vatsapplusyukle.com/. My goal is to showcase my company’s apps with detailed and captivating information. If you have any suggestions or insights, I’d greatly appreciate it!

To be honest, you can achieve these design approach with Elementor ( if you have time to build the sections )

Take a look at Margin, it’s one of the fastest themes on the market - Margin | Elementor Marketing SEO RTL WordPress Theme by DeoThemes | ThemeForest

It’s worth reminding that the theme will only have so much impact on your speed and SEO….

If you don’t invest properly in decent hosting and optimising the site to improve speeds, search, UX etc. then the choice of theme will make limited difference.

Okay, Can you help me to design this? I will pay you.

Thanks for the recommendations

Definitely, I will look forward other things and improve them accordingly.

You can contact me via the contact form then we can discuss few details.