Which licenses are ok to use with commercial products and resell on CodeCanyon?

I am developing a web application and later I will sell it on CodeCanyon. As a backend developer, I’m usually having problems with UI designs and decided to use some UI toolkits distributed on the web. But there are tons of licenses and I don’t get which license allows me to use their UI toolkits in my commercial product. In other words, which license allows me to use their UI toolkit in my commercial product which I am planning to resell on CodeCanyon?

I guess MIT and Creative Common 4.0 licenses are fine with that. But I’m not sure.

Can you please guide me on this?

Thank you

you can go with 100% MIT license tools for your full application.

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Thank you for your quick help. Are there any other licenses to be used in my case?

you have to check their licdnse details are they allowed for commercial use to make a product for sale. If yes then you can go with that license.

If you are planning on using an item bought or downloaded from envato then you usually need both extended license and permission from the original author