Using scripts or apps with MIT license

I’m new in this market and I want to know about something.
As we all know, there are many scripts (PHP) that are available with MIT licenses, for example, eCommerce, LMS, and Jobs scripts which are on GitHub or other open-source resources. My question is, can we use these cores and develop them and sell them in this market?
If the answer is yes (I hope it is :slight_smile: ), is there an example of these scripts in this market? I would like to read their documentation to see how their documentation is

Thank you


Under my understanding the answer therefore would be YES but you need to develop and make them entirely premium.

Opensource Licences:

Thank you.
I will definitely develop and improve them. But I’m worried that they will be rejected by the Envato review team for this reason.

Does Envato have any instructions on this?

I hope this is Not guarantee to safe. Because sometimes they will change from MIT license to other License. Some authors will change later different license. Then you will lost your your effort and time. Some after later they will send DMCA to your items.

Then you will lost your effort and Time.

We have hugh invested to many custom Licenses like this.

I suggest you can develop your own code. Don’t depend on third party free resources.

Thank you.