Open source backend theme use in codebase with MIT license copy

I have submitted a CMS with PHP Script. In that CMS, we use an open-source theme for layout that is under the MIT license. After reviewer feedback, we added that theme’s MIT license to our codebase as per their requirement.

Also, provide the reference link to the reviewer to check that it is completely okay to commercially sell their product including their license copy.

But the honorable reviewer said to me that we need to purchase a commercial license to sell it codecanyon. I’m attaching those links, please check and help me how to resolve this issue.

We do not want to violate any copyright issues to submit & sell our product.

I think reviewer is referring their:

Developer License

Enterprise License

you should to contact them to clear the license term and to get their permission for using it in your end product to sell on codecanyon.

A version of this is already for sale on envato Volt Pro - Bootstrap 5 Admin Template by themesberg | ThemeForest which (regardless of it being a pro/free version) likely to create issues.

Yes. But it’s their premium product. They have an open-source product on GitHub under MIT license.
Could you please check the github link?

Also, we communicate with their support & explained this issue & they let us know it’s completely okay if we use their Open source theme in our codebase with include their license file.

Screenshot of mail communication

If they have put the permission in writing then you should be able to go back to the reviewer with that as evidence and emphasise that it is clearly a different version to the Pro copy.

Thanks for your reply.

But I’m using their Freebies License, which I mention in my comment to the reviewer.

I already communicate with them(Volt Theme Team). And they confirm me that we can sell it by including their MIT license file in our product/codebase.

Screenshot of mail communication

Thanks for your reply. I really appreciate it.

I attached this mail screenshots in my comment to the honorable reviewer. I hope he/she will grand us to continue further.

I think this is the main reason the reviewer is asking you to buy an extended commercial license.

Though the email don’t have enough information about their acknowledgement but Lets the reviewer see the Screenshot of mail communication.

They have two versions of that theme. One is open source with 100 components and the other one is premium with lots of (more than 1000) components. We use their Open source version which is under MIT Licence.

I think no one needs any mail confirmation from them when they open it for all to use in GitHub & declare it Freebies license on their Official Website.

We contact them to double-check if we are not violating any copyright issue from our end.