Question about license and copyright


I’m currently developing a script to upload on CodeCanyon and I’m planning to use a free pre-made template for it. The template has a footer link saying “Designed by XXX” with a backlink and in their license it says that I’m not allowed to resell, redistribute, license, or sub-license any of the files found unless I take a permission from them.

I have contacted them and asked for a permission to use their template as a default template of the script (it’s going to support multi-template) and their answer was positive, but they required me to add in license that they have to purchase a “copyright removal” through their service otherwise the footer backlink should not be removed.

Now my question is, will this be an issue to get the script approved for CodeCanyon ? Also I wonder if CodeCanyon would accept a screenshot of the permission e-mail from the site I have downloaded the theme ?

Thanks in advance.

Still looking for an answer regarding this case.


Free template you can’t use as it is. Also you can use free template if the template come with 100% MIT license. Just wonder why you are not creating your own template were you are going to earn from there!. Please Contact Author Support to get a most perfect answer for your query.


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