Which license should I use for print-on-demand magazines

Hey all, Have a question about lincenses. I’m publishing a free quarterly magazine, free for download and offer a print-on-demand option for people who want it on paper. They don’t pay for the issue, just for the printing service. Is this covered by the standard license? Or do I need an extended license for this? The reason is I’m looking for indesign magazine templates I would like to use for my magazines. Thank you for your help!

Hey @atothek,

I’ve spoken to our legal team. Since the product is available for free, the regular license is a-ok :ok_hand:

Hey Matthew,

Thanks for getting back. So the print-on-demand costs are not considered as fee for the product? Is that correct? Thank you for getting this clear.

Best, Andre

It can get a bit fuzzy at times (so feel free to reach out and check in) but in this specific case that you’re describing- you’re all clear.


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