One use license clarification needed

I was looking into InDesign print templates from DigitalRiver and Envato and need ONE USE clarification. I am comparing them to one-off self-publishing services such as Blurb, Lulu, and CreateSpace, Amazon. I would appreciate clarification on the following hypotheticals. As a guide, I saw an InDesign business template was $18 standard and $900 extended license when end-user sales are projected. I believe I understand most of the basics.

#1 Standard “book” template-PERSONAL. I use the template personally to write a variety of books. First, as manuscript and drafts. One day, I may sell my books.

#2 "book"templates and “business templates” AS A SERVICE. I do the same as above but for clients. Most not for sale, some may be for sale. Self-publishing folks might see extended licenses as expensive. Large publishers, not an issue.

#3 Photo book templates for both person, family, and business clients. A family wants a photo book and may buy one or two. Other photo books may be wedding photographers.

#4 - I buy a resume template. I use it to produce templates for myself, family, and friends. I then want to charge clients for setting up their resumes. I read somewhere (I think) that freelancers might NOT need to buy a new template for every different use when they “getting the product out there?” I could be wrong.

Where do Envato and DigitalRiver theme designers get one-off or self-publishing PRINT runs. Are some themes “Blurb” ready or is it PDF export only?

As you can see, I like and want to investigate print templates. Any links to other info would be welcomed. Thank you.

Not sure why the boldface happened. Sorry.

For every use you need a license, whether it be for yourself, for clients, or for friends and family. If you create an end product that is sold, then you need an extended license.

Although one thing to note… if you make one product and sell it to a client (or a friend or family member) then that’s not classed as selling it… you’ve been hired to create work and you can use a regular license for yourself, or to create work for a client. It’s only if that client then sells on the work when you need an extended license. So books for example… that’s when you’d need one.

Thanks SpaceStock. So if I am hired for a one-off birthday gift photo book then standard is fine. If is a photo book is for actual sale then extended. Thus the extended seems like you need sales of more than a few copies. Thanks again.