Which license should I select for a film playing in a museum?


I’m working on a video project for a museum. There’s one end product that plays in a single theater in a single museum. The museum itself has no admission price and neither does the film.

So, in terms of licenses for music on Audiojungle, I wasn’t sure if my project falls under the “theatrical” distribution language and it doesn’t seem to be broadcast either. However, it will play in that theater for 10 years or so, therefore the potential audience could be very large. But it will remain free and won’t be shown anywhere else, ever.

Anyone have any ideas on my specific case?

One of these:

The difference is “Up to 10 million audience” / “Unlimited audience”

but for sure not “Regular license”. You can contact Envato support for better suggestion

Nope. The Broadcast license are only required in a broadcast context, ie TV or radio.

In this case, as the film would likely not be deemed a theatrical release, the Music Standard license would be enough.

Sidenote: Please keep in mind that the Audiojungle license does not waive public performance royalty collections. The museum will still be responsible for paying those to their local PRO (as they are with any non-Audiojungle music).

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