Which license for a podcast intro?

Hi there, I liked a podcast intro music from AudioJungle. I am wondering which license will be enough? I am planning to publish one episode every week. The podcast will be posted on my website; the podcast platforms such as iTunes; Spotify; SoundCloud and etc. Also Youtube…

Music Standard can fit. But if you want to read all about licenses:

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I need someone to tell me for sure which license do i need. I read a lot and I don’t get it.

About the info you provide;

If you’re creating a single piece that will be added to each video in your series, a single Standard Licence, as i said is correct.

If you need to keep the same for more than 1 year (or more than 52 episodes in a single year), you’ll need to purchase a new Standard Licence.

For items licensed via an Envato Elements subscription, things work a bit differently. There is no “series” equivalent there, so you’d need to register a licence for each video separately. As it’s an unlimited subscription there are no additional costs, but that ensures that the authors are credited (and paid!) appropriately for the use of their items. If you’re using items from Elements, you can see the full licence terms here