Licensing an audio tune for the theme tune of a new Podcast

I am in the process of creating a new podcast - thinking about using one of the audio tracks from here as the intro and outro for the show and wanted to check that the licensing is all covered etc.

Would we need a license for each show? Is there a limit to the number of plays etc that would be covered? If the Podcast is listed on SoundCloud, Apple, etc, what are the rules regarding downloads and audience?

If we were to use other tracks from Envarto Elements within the PodCast (eg to use as backing track that different words are sang over), I assize we’d need a different license for each episode too?

Thanks in advance!

You can check all about licenses here;

Elements only cover the Standard License.

So, we have an Envarto Elements subscription, and have been following the guidelines here: License Terms — Envato Elements

Can you just confirm that a Podcast isn’t classified as a ‘Broadcast’ please? As I understand it - we’ll be fine to use any of the music, so long as we’ve created a license for it on download and that we talk/sing over it etc and it doesn’t form the entirety of the output?

Thanks again.

Broadcast only pertains to TV or radio. Podcast isn’t considered a broadcast. If dowloadable and more than 10 000 copies have been downloaded, then the Music Mass Reproduction would be required (not covered by the Elements subscription).

You would have to register/create a license for each use. That would be for each episode, unless the intro is always strictly the same with no modification whatsoever and no different voice-over, in which case the intro would be the end product that you could then use in any number of episodes.

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