Purchasing the right music license for an audio and video (YouTube) Podcast

I am starting a podcast that will be audio only on podcast host platforms and video on YouTube. Releasing episodes 2x a week. I found music on audiojungle that I want to use for intro and altro, it’ll be the same for both podcast and youtube.

  1. Do I need the broadcast license since it’s more than 52 episodes in a year?
  2. Do I need a license for the audio version and a separate license for the video version?

Thanks for your help!

You could buy a standard license and after 52 episodes renew that license. I think that is the proper way since you are not broadcasting it.

The audio in the end product is the same for both platforms right? My interpretation would be that it’s one product not two different ones. You could ask the support team to be 100% sure.

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As @CWMusic said, the standard license is the one that’s appropriate in this case. As the series policy states that one license can cover up to 52 episodes within a year, you will have to renew the license once you go over that number.

If the content is the same on the podcast and on the video then one license for both outlet is fine.


Thank you @CWMusic and @PurpleFog! Incredibly helpful and you saved me from overspending upfront. (Always a win). Thank you thank you!