Where does the login button suddenly come from in my header on the home page?

Hello everyone, I bought the theme ENFOLD from kriesi and used it for a long time without any problems. Then there was probably an automatic plugin update and since then I have a login button directly on the home page top right in the header. Does anyone know where such a thing comes from and especially how to delete it again?

I have already looked through all plugins and even asked someone who knows wordpress well. Even he didn’t find anything in my backend that causes this.

Does anyone else have any ideas? Do any of you know this problem? What can I do?

Kriesi has great support Support - Support | Kriesi.at - Premium WordPress Themes

I would guess (not used the theme) that it is in the theme options OR customise (under appearance)

Hello, try to reinstall it

Assuming that you don’t have the support for the theme anymore, author may not provide the help you’re looking for but I’m available for freelance work, I don’t mind to check the website and send an offer if you’re interested in.