Enfold theme - problem linking to website


I am a complete newbie to this as my developer usually deals with all things technical, however, he is off the grid.

I have purchased Enfold (single licence) and have uploaded it to my client website, however, I am unable to link it to my account. I Created a token but get an error message. I am unsure about the previous licence but the new. version has an annoying image of ‘man with headphones’ at the top of each section (please see attached screenshot). can somebody please help advise of the steps I need to take to link things up and remove the image that is coming form the Kreis website?

The staging website in place is here https://staging.morningsideelectrical.com/

Many thanks in advance


Contact with your purchase item author hope they will helped!


Hi, I have contacted them but the wait time for a response is up to 4 days :frowning:

I have also contacted my hosting company, they think there might be some sort of permissions issue so are looking into it for me. Can I just say, they are the best hosting out there - the best support by a long way with very quick response times from super friendly staff 24hrs a day. Thank you

Many thanks for your reply.


Off the top of my head in your case it would be:

.avia-image-container {
display:none !important;

Hi @Graficsofa,

If you edit the Homepage there you will find those images and you can remove those images by replacing your own chosen images. So, simply edit the page and set images.


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Hi 123Simples,

Thanks for your reply.

I take it I just add this as custom CSS?

I have now managed to link to the Envato token, however, the image of the man is still present.

Hi MGScoder,

Thanks for your reply. I have looked everywhere, even deleting the images from the library. However, the image is coming from www.kriesi.at/themes (please see attached screenshot).

I have now managed to link to the Envato token, however, the image of the man is still present.


@Graficsofa - yes custom css - this should in theory make the image disappear from the screen but it will be still there in code view.
Otherwise you need to login to your wordpress admin, view the homepage in code view, and then remove the lines concerned.

I first tried removing the code (see below) via the ‘code view’, updated and looked fine. Then went back into the front page and hey presto, the very annoying image reappeared.

[av_image src=‘http://www.kriesi.at/themes/enfold-one-page-portfolio/files/2015/02/desat-boy-m4-180x180.jpg’ attachment=‘38’ attachment_size=‘square’ align=‘center’ animation=‘pop-up’ styling=‘circle’ hover=’’ link=’’ target=’’ caption=’’ font_size=’’ appearance=’’ overlay_opacity=‘0.4’ overlay_color=’#000000’ overlay_text_color=’#ffffff’ av_uid=‘av-17btj4’][/av_image]

Used your custom CSS, seems to have sorted it :slight_smile: Thanks so much

@Graficsofa - you’re welcome :slight_smile: no more image can be seen.

Excellent. Thanks so much :+1: