where do I find older versions of my theme so I can update in stages?

So basic, but I’ve searched documentation. I have an older version of Avada and when I search in WP I can’t find older versions with which to update. I also don’t see versions in my Envato marketplace. There is so much documentation on how to upgrade, but not where to get the files. Thanks for any help!

Envato (Themeforest) and any potential auto-update routine built into the theme will (at best) give you access to the latest and most current version.

If you require any older (past) versions, you need to contact the author and kindly ask if s/he would be willing to provide it to you.


You will only be able to download the latest version of the theme from your downloads page www.themeforest.net/downloads (assuming you are logged in).

Thank you for your speedy answer! I don’t know what I’m missing here. As you suggested, I went to downloads, but I can’t see that it would include old versions. The readmefirst only leads me back to documentation on how to update - but not where to get the older versions. With so much documentation on how to update from age-old versions, you’d think those versions are available easily.

I am grandfathered in for support, if that matters, since I purchased this early 2015. But I’m am stumped! Thanks again for any further thoughts.

As @Tekanewa mentioned for “old versions” you would need to ask the author as these would not be stored on envato

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