Is it possible to download an older version of a theme

I’m working on a site and the previous site developers directly modified the theme files (instead of using a child theme).

I need to update the site to the latest version of a theme but in order to do so I need to know all of the modifications the previous developers made. Therefore, I’m looking for the theme files of the version of the theme that was modified so I can do a diff and inventory all the modifications.

Is there a way to download an older version of a theme on Themeforest?

Not on your own - but if you contact the theme’s author via their support area or their profile page, they may be able to send you an older version.

I tried that first and got the following response from the theme dev:

“Unfortunately, I don’t store outdated version, so I can’t provide it for you, but you can check the change in our changelogs, it will show you the modifice file in each version, so you can check the new file with the current file in your site and save these different files.”

Unfortunately, that doesn’t help for my purposes.

Envato doesn’t store old versions of items, likely for copyright reasons. Perhaps the developer who modified the theme still has version control or a copy of the original theme? If not, then you’re probably out of options.