where can i find my Secret API Key

hi any one can help me am a new user in themeforest and i buy one theme and i upload it withe envato-wordpress-toolkit-master and when i active it tell me to enter user name & Secret API Key ,username i know it but how i can find Secret API Key

Hi, welcome to ThemeForest :slight_smile:

You will need to generate an API key, this can be done from your settings > API Keys (left sidebar).

Hope that helps.

serously ? couldnt you explain more mr wearesupa? where is the setting?

^ Hey,

On the top of the page move your mouse over your username and you’ll see user menu there. Then do whatever @wearesupa said :slight_smile:




None of the Generated API keys I am generating aren’t working for the Visual Composer plugin I purchased. I have the correct Username and License Key put in.

Please help! Thank you in advance,

Jack Shappy

Where do I find?

Settings are over there in envato market menu

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