Where is the ThemeForest API Key

This forum is rather hard to understand, so I am posting in the “off topic” category, as it’s not about design etc… apologies if it’s the wrong place.

I have a theme installed on wordpress, and after using it for 4 years, it’s now asking me for an API key in order to do an update.

It says this is found at the bottom of the settings tab on TF, however I can’t see it.

Anyone know where this is?



Generate you token from here


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Hi @wcndave,

That theme is referring to our legacy API which was decommissioned earlier this year. @unlockdesign’s link directs you to the token generation page for the modern API, but that won’t help if the theme is still using the old API. Can you share which theme it is (either here or in a DM) so we can reach out to them with some help to upgrade to the modern API?


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