Where can I find missing elements?

I Have 47 missing links in my file I just bought. No JPGS are in the folder I downloaded. Where can I find this stuff?

Are you talking about missing images/photos from the theme?

Most theme authors find photos online to use for demonstration purposes. This is fine and common, but including those third-party photos in the theme’s download file presents a copyright issue and bloats the download size, among other problems.

If you check the description of the theme you purchased, they may mention where the photos were found (perhaps in a “credits” section).

Otherwise, you can check out a site such as Unsplash for free alternative photos to use. Many authors actually use this very site for their demos. And of course if you’re looking for premium photos, check out PhotoDune, a sister marketplace to ThemeForest. :smiley:


Yes. Thank you. I must’ve missed that disclaimer. Wasn’t going to use them anyway but I though I had missed something. Thank you!

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