Not all themes available?

I signed up for a membership mainly because it’s implied that I would have access to all the themes I saw on Theme Forest. But I logged in months ago and couldn’t figure out how to get to them. I was sick so I wrote it off as just sick haze. I have come back, feeling better and I see it was not haze. Or maybe I am still confused.

Where am I supposed to have access to the themes? (And please do not contact me offering to build my site. I can build sites, I wanted a theme so I could focus on running my business and not building a site. If I need to fix it, I will do it myself or hopefully find a good theme.)

Anyway where are all these themes gentlemen? Or did I just waste my money?

Hi @Thepinklabel - hope you’ve recovered from the sickness haze!

Are you asking about Elements? If so: an Elements subscription gives access to a curated collection of digital assets (currently ~250k photos, and ~30k other items). More items are added constantly, and new item categories are also being added. Most of those assets are also sold separately via our marketplaces (ThemeForest, GraphicRiver etc), but an Elements subscription doesn’t include every item sold through the marketplace sites.

You mentioned themes, rather than templates. Elements does currently include a selection of ~1,000 web templates and ~600 CMS templates, but doesn’t currently include WordPress themes - that item category is on the way soon.

If you need a WordPress theme for immediate use, you won’t be able to get this via Elements. Your best option there is to purchase a theme from ThemeForest (you can find that category here), which has the added benefit of giving you access to item support if you need it.

In this case, the Elements subscription could still help with other aspects of your business - from stock images to use in the website, to graphic and presentation templates. It’s worth exploring the content available to you on the site, as you may find other assets that you can use.

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I have a Shopofy site and the selection is sparse, looks like I did waste my money. :(. Really need to make it extremely clear that you don’t get access to the marketplace with your subscription. The same for images, at least the kind I would need. Will have to evaluate if I need this sub further.
Thanks for responding.