Newbie looking to buy a theme but.........

I’m sorry if this is posted in the wrong area.

I saw a theme that would be perfect for me. Well the Demo looks great and I could really practically cut and paste my content into it a be done BUT I am confused about how it works as far as paying. To be clear I came from the ISLE and I paid by the year and had access to all of the plugins and themes… this one has a price for the theme which is only $30 bucks less that the unlimited ( yeah I know , quality counts ) To my Question… If I pay the money for the Theme (BEARS) will I also get all the cool stuff they are using in the demo or will I have to pay for a bunch of extras to make my site exactly like the Demo of BEARS? I see a monthly payment option but I will have a whole 2 sites so its really not sensible for me. Thnx

Almost all themes or templates comes with demo layout as you see here EXCEPT the images

Be careful with subscriptions - this gives you unlimited access to items on but not to the entire themeforest, graphicriver etc. marketplaces.

If you are only building 2 sites then you are better off buying the full versions on themeforest and whereby you get support and updates etc. which are not included from elements


Thank you for the quick reply. Yes I can get my own images but the BEAR has a really cool star animation that I would like as well. is that an extra? Can I contact the Author of BEAR to ask if it comes with a Video box ( embed ) ?

Sure - you can ask here

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