When a #FRIDAYFEEL FREEBIE file is not free - HELP WP School Management

Hello… I am trying to access one of the free files from #FRIDAYFREE. Its the only file that does not show up as a free download and its suppose to last until May 29th and why does this happen so frequently?


Unfortunately this freebie was removed due to technical issues with accessing the item.

I’m confused… but the technical issues do not exist if we purchase it? Seems like a bait and switch… well without the switch perse. How does Envato know this was purposed by the developer? It should be replaced with another item or a rein check provided. If its a developer issue who promised to make this available to us, I’ll never purchase any of their items.

Hi @adgabrielle. Please see my post in the other thread about this topic:

That item has been removed from the current Free File promotion for CodeCanyon, and replaced with another. Purchase code validation is fairly common across several CodeCanyon and ThemeForest item categories, and is typically used to protect authors from pirated copies of their items. However, it causes problems when an item is used for Free File promotions, as those do not include any form of purchase code. We’re now working to make sure that future Free File promotions don’t include any items that require this type of validation.

The replacement freebie can be found here - it’s available until May 29.