Whats your studio workstation setup

I’m moving to a new apartment and am thinking of setting up my audio workstation in a more robust way. Mainly thinking of getting a electronic table with which I can instantly change the height and try to figure out a good way to have midi keyboard in front of me in addition to keyboard and mouse.

However, I’m still trying to figure out what setup would be the most comfortable ergonomically and in practice.

Do any AJ people have good ways of setting up the main work area so that you would have monitor, midi keyboard, mouse and keyboard all in front of you and it feels good even on longer sessions so that hands don’t have to be in awkward positions?

I first thought that one way might be to put the midi keyboard on the actual table and then attach a small sub panel just below the table onto which I’d put the keyboard and mouse and that panel could be pulled a bit out from underneath the main table panel.

However this setup would mean that there would be slight height difference between the midi keyboard level and keyboard/mouse level and I’m not sure how that would feel if I’d work for a longer period.

Then again I don’t enjoy the setup where the midi keyboard would be totally angled from the actual screen direction.

Any suggestions/solutions you’ve found good?


I’m not sure about table with changeable height. I work on monitors on stands, so if I raise my table, I cover the speakers. For me it’s not gonna work. BTW, I wanna order custom table, for my Keystation 61 underneath the main table when I put my Babyface Pro, keyboard, mouse and headphones. It would be interesting what others think.

I made a sacrifice and invested on a workstation desk, it was the best thing I could do. everything is organized, in place, handy and ergonomic. you can google on how to build one yourself.

Have you considered placing the MIDI keyboard on the lower panel instead of the computer keyboard and mouse?


I’ve worked a long time with my midi below the desk in front of me (as on the picture above),but recently I’ve put the midi on the stand on my left side,so I feel more relaxed now (more free space beneath the table),don’t now really it works different for anyone ,so you’ll see what works best for you p.s (I thought the same thing after working years with midi directly in front of me,that it would be weird to put it on the side,but I’ve got used to it pretty quickly) so good luck with the setting and the new apartment :slight_smile:

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I also prefer the MIDI keyboard on the left. :slight_smile:

I also like the keyboard to the side, but I put mine to the right. I also have a monitor mounted above my keyboard that I never use…

I feel your pain. I was previously working in an L shape configuration and having to turn to play the keyboard and turn back to work. This killed me. I felt unproductive.


Since I couldn’t afford a professionally built workstation with the keyboard below the desk on a slider, (also wasn’t sure I wanted the keys that low) I decided to build out two wood planks attached below the wooden bottom of my IKEA desk to support the keyboard [an M-Audio 88es] at the same level as a desk.

I cut the wood planks the same with as the desk with the overhang just long enough to support the keyboard. I then drilled holes through the bottom of the base and ran through the planks and bolted them. You can clearly see the tops of the bolts through the glass top. I guess I could hide them by painting the bolts black, but I don’t care enough to do it. The whole thing took me just a few hours to complete and cost about $20. Here’s a few pics. Please excuse the mess!





Nice, I’m thinking this might be a project I could manage myself :slight_smile:

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You can do it! Shoot me a message if you want and I’ll take a few better pics without the keyboard for you.

Dayyum, those white HS8s look mighty fine! I almost wish I got them instead of the black ones!

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Yes Sir! I love them! It was purely coincidental that I got them. They sent me the wrong color initially but after I got them set up I fell in love with the color and the rest is history! Unfortunately the sub-woofer only comes in black but it’s still great sounding.

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This is my set up, after going through 3 or 4 different versions. $50 table is holding the monitor and midi keys. The white table is a flimsy piano stand with a $12 shelf board, weighted in the back with 10lbs weights. Goes nicely with my home-made insulation panels :sunglasses:

Wasn’t going for looks. Just a cheap ergonomic solution. (Hard to do both)

The computer keyboard placement was priority for me, as I spend more time on that then I do on the midi keyboard.


That setup is killer! Great panels!

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Very cool! Clean, simplistic and looks very functional! Nice job.

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for years i had my midi keyboard to the side (and hated it). no longer. i designed (and helped build) this desk. it’s standing height (i have a really tall drafting chair for when i get tired). i made the desk in front of the racks shallow, so everything is within arms reach, and the keyboard slides out from below the desk. best setup i’ve ever had. the only problem is if people shorter than me come over, the speakers are above their heads haha…


Dude… I’d build a freaking beast pc inside this glass… :stuck_out_tongue:

I want to buy the raven next month. But I am wondering if the faders working smooth. Is it cool? I am a big fan of slate goodies

The faders work fine, @WolfSound . The weird thing though is I actually use it way more for tracking than mixing. I love the big transport and mostly the batch command buttons, which really speed up my workflow for comping vocals, creating summing stacks, bouncing audio, renaming tracks, etc. I was all excited to use the faders to mix and tweak plugins right on the screen, but working with plugins is way easier with the mouse (for me), and I still mostly do rides with the mouse cuz I often forget to use the faders. I can’t say I love it on the mix side with Logic as it feels a bit like an overlay and not complete integration, but I really love tracking with it. I mounted it on a vesa arm so when I’m cutting guitars or whatever I can pull the whole monitor out beyond the front of the desk and work from there. So I dig It, but not how I thought I would.

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yeah got ya ! i saw a lot of people complaining about arms hurting when mixing ! :stuck_out_tongue: maybe you have to find the right angle to work with this ! :stuck_out_tongue: