What's wrong with my plugin? Reviewer continuously thinks my plugin does not extend functionality


So this is my long awaited elementor plugin. This plugin has-

  1. 120 widgets
  2. Portfolio builder and 10 single portfolio demo
  3. Header and footer builder. 4 headers and 10 footers
  4. Preloaders. 7 in total
  5. Blog designer
  6. Coming soon , 7 demos

Also my question is that , why a theme builder isn’t allowed in Codecanyon? Can’t a theme builder a plugin? In my sense a theme builder is a complete solution to build a theme.
And here is the demo - http://plugins.webangon.com/khara/thepack/
Still I have got this message. So why so many fuss about not extending functionality or presentaion?

From what I understand from the reviewer’s message, there is no problem with extending functionality.
The reviewer only says that you should submit this item to ThemeForest, instead of CodeCanyon.
So, you are just submitting the item in the wrong category, that’s all.

Check this statement ‘You’re advertising this as a “theme builder”’… I guess, simply change what you’ve write on item description / preview image / demo… maybe more focus on “Content management” rather than “Theme builder”, my 2 cents

Good luck!