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I seek help from you all because I have no idea why my plugin got rejected. I have went through all the Standard checks and i found no issues in my code. But still Codecanyon rejects it. Please help me to go through the issue. If you have got any special instruction or any boilerplate please provide us.

Plugin Structure,

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Share your demo if you want feedback

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how can i provide demo? it is an Elementor Form action. I can send the files if you want. Can you provide your email please?

what does it do? Could you not build a demo form with the action applied? This will be a pretty fundamental part of being approved (otheriwse how can the reviewer/customers test it?)

It is an extension for Elementor Pro Form. It connects Form action with Klaviyo newsletter service. To set up that i have to install wordpress and give the editor roles to edit pages. That is why i dont have a demo. I have included all configruations in the Documentation folder.

I have never seen any plugion that does that on the marketplace so it may be a bit too niche

I think you will strugglre without being able to prove that it works (maybe set it up and share a svideo of the steps and confirmation?)

So you mean atleast a video should be added as demo? I can provide you the files if you want to check. But i cant share the link here as i dont wanna expose my plugin

I would make a video of the plugin working on a demo site and then show how the info appears in the CRM

I still think this is way too niche for here, but unless the reviewer at least can see it in action and check the functionality etc. then there is near to no chance they can approve it for obvious reasons

They are not going to set a dmeo up for themselves to test this

okay, i understand that. But can i have a demo video to make this happen? Currently i dont have a site to deploy wordpress site.

From a customer perspective that would help but again the reviewer has to be able to test it - they can’t just approve something based on looking at code.

They are not going to setup a site and form just to do that - working demos are a fundamental of being an author unfortunately

okay, great! So not providing a demo is concerned as “not quality standard”?

That generic rejection can mean any number of things but as an example no demo or documentation etc would definitely be one. Without those the reviewer can’t compete the review itself


I tried with your suggestion. I made a demo and submitted the item again. But again it got rejected…any idea this time?

this is the demo link https://klaviyotor.brixyt.com/