What's trendy now?

Hi there envato community :wink: I want to ask for some practical advice, some certain steps you do to find out what’s trendy now. I mean how do you find out design will sell well. Thanks in advance :smile:

I think there’s a better question you should ask:

How to anticipate what upcoming trends might be?

Being part of a wave is way less effective than being the one starting it. So try to think - what might buyers need, that isn’t currently available on the market?

But if you’d like to get a sense of what’s trending right now, navigate to All Items and then select Trending Items in the dropdown menu:


Or, head over to the popular files page:


Thanks a lot, AmigoProductions, ok then, how to anticipate what upcoming trends might be? Do you have any technics or sources?

hi buddy, as for me , whether this is for new comers or people having trouble with rejections or with confirmed guys looking for inspiration, i recommend the same, that is to say to have a look at a lot o works made by other guys, normally when u do u aways notice some thing that are part of a trend and u can identify it :wink:

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Thanks, Nico, sounds logical :wink: maybe somebody else have some other tricks too. Would love to hear.