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Hi guys, how are you?

I have a question, just out of curiosity, can someone explain how the trending file? as it becomes trending? they choose the reviewers? or automatically based on sales?



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It’s chosen automatically based on a mysterious algorithm that takes sales, views, comments and such into account.


From what I’ve experienced it’s based on views and sales. Usually if an item gets more than one sale a day for a few days or a large spoke of sales in a day it will go trending. Views also play a large part as I’ve seen trending files with no sales at all. Had a trending track on AJ once. :slight_smile:


Thanks guys! They put a bit light here! I have not found precise explanation about this in the envato FAQ, is a bit mystical! Lol

I catch my attention, because it´s one more tool for small fish (as me) for sell something :slight_smile:


I saw one track which was only 2 sales and hitched his zipper. I think this is not an automatic process, it is done by some people in the Envato.


Wow, I realize we’re a little without information, should someone envato comment about this feature, it would be interesting …


It’s just a magic, simple, obscure magic :slight_smile:


so … something has to do with Lord Voldemort? :grinning:


Or maybe Darth Vader? :slight_smile:


ahahahah ofcourse! Without a doubt!


Really hard to say, but I hope that the choice is based on the statistical data


Yes, but we all know that feature are selected by reviewer, but trending is really a mystery


And it should stay a mystery. Imagine knowing it only takes one more sale to get your item trending. Wouldn’t you be tempted to buy your own track?


You’re right!, I had not thought of That, but anyway the temptation for Those Who are morally wrong will do so anyway (buy their own items) I think…


A bit of information regarding the Trending feature :smile:


nice!! thanks mate! but I had liked the idea off magical way Lol


Views also play a large part as I’ve seen trending files with no sales at all.

I have an item that got about 200+ views per day for a couple of weeks. 3 comments, 4 sales. Not trending.


It’s mostly sales, but believe me, views count! :smiley:


Where can i find information about views?


It’s a bit like Matrix. No one can be told what the trending item is.