How Trending Works?

Hey everyone!
I have two items,that was sold 3-4 times during approximately 2 days and became trending.
My last downloaded item was sold 7 times during 1-2 days and it still doesn’t have blue lighting.
I’m wondering how actually trending works?
I would appriciate your help! :blush:

Hi leadsquid!

Trending items are one of the great mysteries - no one really knows when a track is going to go trending or not. What I can say is that sales play the largest part (consistent sales I might add), but views and entrances are also very important. There have been some trending items on Envato with NO sales, so it must have been down to views and other activity.

I’d wait a day or two. You just might find that sweet blue lightning on that track when you least expect it :wink:



Thank you, James!
If blue lightings is so obscure, so it doesn’t make sense to worry about them)