How to be in trend

Hi guys!
I have been here in AJ since 2019 and would like to increase my sales. Now, I was looking for the features that allow items to be in trend and I see items without sales in the top positions. How is it possible? Can you give me some advice to be more effective on this point?


Yeah 90% of my tracks should be trending then :grinning:

I had wondered the same thing.

this is usually a very frequent visit and listening to this song

" usually this is visiting and listening to this song, there is the easiest way to do this, ask other authors to leave a comment under the track, you need to collect a large number of comments per day, this is about 15 and then this track will be trending"

Do Envato agrees with this exploit? @Manriquedelara , @BenLeong

You need a track to be sold three or four times a day :slightly_smiling_face:

the track can get into the trend without sales, the main thing is frequent visits and listening

I’d personally flag this thread.

It doesn’t work. I’ve been around long enough to see many hopeful authors try this and fail.


Well, that is basically what “feedback for feedback” thread has became, has lost totally the original idea. Sad but true.
I, personally, would delete that thread forever, for example.


@Manriquedelara I flagged it anyway.

I wrote as is, do you disagree with something?

Comments do not work at all and do not affect sales in any way. Lightning trend, 50 comments and … ZERO sales.

Nothing in particular, but despite this disturbing practice still exists, at least let not promote them further. There is enough fight against self buying and price dumping.We need to fight against such exploits, too?

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It’s not about sales I just wrote how easy it is for tracks to hit the trend

I agree with you but we all know that this will continue to happen

Well, okay, let them fall. There is no benefit from this.

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I know it’s useless

It’s like fun and self-deception. There is no harm either. So, self-indulgence.

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I didn’t want to argue with anyone here, have a good day and good sales to everyone