Current and upcoming trends in graphics

Does following current and potential trends in graphics amount to anything or guarantee a positive review? Am trying to get my footing as I jump back into the ring and wasn’t quite sure what to expect from reviewers after I submit my material.

Any and all insight welcome.

Hi @Topaz063, it depends, if you are talking about offfline trends, and using it here, probably not!

I tried that with Vegan type Kids birthday parties, which has about a 20% market share in AU, and growing quickly, but it didn’t translate to online!


hi, i think that most importantly u have to try to create something u feel comfortable with and where u can make a difference , bringing something new to the table may help u to get noticed and to sell, as , let’s face it , trendy items are very numerous and some very talented guys already are much into these trendy styles, so basically the potentially that u have to sell looks more not that subsequent in my opinion

I’ve submitted some work in the past and all received rejections of some kind with little to no explanation outside of the marketplace isn’t ready for this kind of something, something.

Even after researching the marketplace for some openings, I still fall short. Guess I can proceed with the current idea and hope things will go positively. Thanks for chiming in.

It’s all trial and error. If you want to see results or answers to your questions try it out and see how it works out.

I usually have time for it now and then so if you do, give it a shot, you never know what’ll turn out.

Good luck!

u know what have to do indeed … as the help center mentioned, post your items in forums thread and wait for other guys to tell you what’s wrong with your items … u have no other alternative but trying over and over again to go through with something without asking anyone, in other words, if i were u i would post and ask guys how they feel … they may come up with ideas that may help u …

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I will give it a go…

Hope it turns out okay.

Well I uploaded some texture files/tiles and they were pretty much hard rejected. Then a question occurred to me: what exactly is their market place ready for?