Back after a long long offline

Hey Great People…

i was offline for a long time and now im back, advice me with latest needs in the market.

Warm Regards

The best way to find out what market needs nowadays by checking trending items, popular items, most selling items.

Good luck :+1:

thank you for the advice. :slight_smile: :grinning:

lol hard to tell you what are the latest need if u are not saying what is your category lol in addition , needs vary much according to people , sometimes having a niche is much better than knowing what s working indeed

thank you for the advice.

well im designer and and audio Eng, i got too many talents as i can tell and the fact i did not give my focus to envato and this is my big problem so i make this post so i can talk with experts and take their advice because this time im back and back hard.


we never have too many … lol especially in this world in which people ask u more no matter what u have in the first place, as they expect u to handle everything anyway lol if i were u i would inspire from guys who are doing very well in the fields that u can naturally work in. Try to check @djjeep or @Realitybeats for the audio part. As for design , the best thing to do is to possibly find a niche and in any case to focus on quality and originality so that there is a chance that items go through in a very saturated market globally where standards have been raised on multiple occasions already


from deep of my heart thank you so much for your kind support.

Thank You :grin:

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u are welcome :slight_smile: good luck buddy :slight_smile:

Thank you Nico with all my heart

u are welcome Jordi u deserve it :slight_smile:

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