what's the problem with this logo

is there any problem with this logo? or the quality of the picture. and can i upload it again with modified version or it is totally rejected??
I’m new here.
thanks in advance.

hi u need to rework the typo and the promotion of it with the illustration, u also have too many details in my view and i am not sure that using a rainbow color for the name is a good idea too , this is making the name less readable indeed

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thank you very much for your suggestions. :blush:
can i upload it again after rework??

hi yes u can if u bring substantial work enough to the table according to the staff , in other words, u are expected to come out with something really different …

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u are welcome happy if i could help u :slight_smile:

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How are you even able to see the typo? It’s so pixelated and blurry that I can’t even make out what the letters are, even after I download the image.

This isnt what the image looks like when you submitted it, is it?

no it’s not. But the problem is because it is a 80x80px that is why it looks like blurry i guess.

Ah ok, well just for future reference, you should make your thumbnail images a bit more clear. Just put the logo on a simple background, rather than zoomed out on a mockup like this.

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ok :slight_smile: thanks for your advice it’s really helpful.

i guessed it indeed, even if u do not see in deep details, u can see if there is something original or not indeed

I was also wondering how @n2n44 made out those details…haha

what are u talking about?

No offense mate, the pic is so pixelated as @XioxGraphix mentioned, then you talked of guessing. It was just a comment I made on a light note.

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LOL ok i understand what u mean now

I’m glad you do