Dear Envato Authors, My second logo got hard rejected. I need to know what my mistakes are.

Hello all
Can anyone help me

We have completed our review of “Mount Chat Logo” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward

This is my second logo got rejected. & the same reason Can you give me some criticism and advice?


hi indeed the main problem is that the logo is too detailed as they are considering in very small size here … the second issue is about lines which , for the same reason seem a bit too thin, too … i am not sure if the concept has a real commercial potential so i will not comment much about it apart from saying that at least u tried to bring originality … otherwise the typo is flat , this is lacking creativity and originality as well as this is lacking variations and font combinations indeed. Also beware the contrast issue , some of your text or elements are not always super visible or readable out of lack of contrast