What we expect after 10 days waiting for review? Reject or Approve!


Uploaded item 10 days ago, pending for review, hopefully it goes live.
if i receive reject message 10 days waiting, its totally frustrating.
item link - http://bootstraplovers.com/themeforest-html/amaze/


If you’re referring to an item in the Wordpress category, the current wait times are 40+ days… So I’d suggest you get drink and get comfortable :slight_smile:


I have no drink and feel uncomfortable since i try to upload my first item on themeforest,
20+ rejects!
i will definitely take the drink after my first item approve and i hope this item will make some drink for me.:grinning:
anyway i upload an item into html category.
Thanks for your reply!


Goodluck @design_mylife


The HTML category moves a bit faster, but still expect around 14+ days.


Thank you vishnu!
What you think about design?


Thank you chilly_orange
is this design make some drink for me!:grin: