What type of graphics will suit the best with my translator app?

Hi, can anyone guide me please what type of graphics should I use from envanto for my Translator app to make it beautiful and best by appearance. Looking forward for the tip and advice to address this issue. Thank you.

Your app has lack of UX. I installed your app and basically you have 3 main options Voice, photo and dictionary. Focus on these options by using some clean and modern icons with a subtle animation. Use a clean light font Open sans light for example. Also you have too many ads all over the app. I know buying the app will remove this but still there are too many. This will cause instant uninstall. Keep in mind that you compete with Google translate. The GT is beautifully crafted, very intuitive and adds free.

Yea, competing with Google Translate is a huge task, so good luck on that end.

As for the UI, you definitely need a major overhaul. Take a look at these links and you’ll find A LOT of good examples of current mobile UI trends.