Accept or reject

Hello friends !!
I am a new person in Envato, I have made my first item to upload. but I don’t know much in the envato market yet. help please. Is this item feasible here? thank you

It looks nice and clean, the only thing I’d change is the presentation; the full alphabet is a little hard to see clearly due to it being white on a darkened white marble background. Maybe you could use the same pink colour from the top part, which would also make it all a bit more harmonious.

I’d also be careful about using a swash in the title when it doesn’t seem to be included in the actual font.

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Alright, thank you for your feedback to me. it really helped me to start working on Envato properly.

I want to immediately improve my presentation and can’t wait to get another response from you guys!! :heart:

hi i am sorry to tell u just that but i think that it could hardly be accepted here as such … the fact of the matter is that u have a real issue about contrast … the letters are hard to read because the text is not contrasting enough with the background of the preview and thus your work is not valued … besides, u also have a bit the same thing with the flowery preview screen … u should drop shadows under te texts and even under the flowers …

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