What precautions does Envato take against fraudsters?

I’ve been having serious issues with reversal for a while now. There are 3 reversal since only one March.

Our item is selling, we’re delighted but after a few hours getting a refund. In this process, the buyer has already downloaded the source code. Doesn’t Envato have a more effective protection against this? Please do not send me the article links from the help center as an answer. I’ve already read them. We are the Auhtor who suffer here. Our items are being downloaded and refunded. I’ve had this before, but never this often. 3 refunds in the last three days!

Unfortunately it’s been discussed so many times any the simple fact is that there is no viable solution given that it is a process and decision taken entirely outside of envato’s control or influence.

I entirely understand the frustration and how unfair it is, but envato lose out in this situation too and if there was anything that could realistically be done then envato (and other marketplaces as it is not an exclusive challenge here) would take that precaution.

In the meantime envato disabling access, not only to that item but the users entire account, whilst not going to change things, is the most proactive step they can control and take.

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I think something can be done. For example, in other markets, you cannot reverse sales. Try to buy a TV from the online marketplace and then do sale reversal. Also, I don’t see a selling reversal in other stock markets.
If the buyer has downloaded the product, the sales reversal must be disabled, only manual return with an explanation of the reason, like dispute system in well known market.

A sales reversal occurs when a purchase is reversed by the payment provider (eg. payment gateway or bank) through either a credit card or Paypal account. Reversals are enforced by the payment provider and actioned in accordance with their policies.

A sales reversal is not a refund. A refund can only be processed by Envato, according to envato refund policies.

You can’t compare a tv to a digital download.

It is simply not an option for envato to disable it - it has nothing to do with them it is only between the buyer and the bank.

Obviously can’t comment on other marketplaces but while this issue is definitely not exclusive to envato the sheer size and volume of sales on envato will impact the likelihood of it happening and the further complexity of preventing it.