What opinion about my template figma?

Hello everyone:
Remember I not am ready for upload themeforest because lack more pages.
What you opinion because maybe bad colors?
thank you.

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Yes, color combination is not good. Change the blue to white ( #f2f2f2 ) and the text to black/gray (#999999). You will see the difference

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Thank you.

@ki-themes I think much better colors

Change the blues as well, maybe something light/pastel


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Thank you

I like it but it feels like I’ve seen this too many times before…

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It is just what I think, it does not feel like something original, I have seen it and already forgot about it, please take this in a constructive way, I am not trying to be disrespectful it is just what I think///


Now it’s better or bad colors?

It’s getting better but it’s still not good enough for approval.
My suggestion earlier for you to see the “color problem”

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I understand u, thank you, it’s not approved themeforest for error colors, later I will to fix some. regards.


now it’s better colors?

which part? Some part better, some part not…

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I’ll fix it, thanks.


Now yes?

There’re improvements, way better than the original submission ( still have some spacing/typo issues )

how? where spacing? please help me, me explain better, thank you.

I don’t know where spacing…

Find/see the others.