Please help on Hard Rejected site template item.


Please give me your opinions about why this item may be hard rejected with the message:
“we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward”.
I need your help just to be get improved.

any critiques are welcomed.
Thank you all


Hi there:

I think that bad colors, bad typography too small, etc, spacing, etc but you need more practice for themeforest will approved.



Thank you for your reply but I wonder
-What bad colors did you mean?
-And witch part has the small typography, can you explain please?
if you give me some photos will be perfect.
thank you again


Bad color you item green and pink background but you need other colors better, you need use typography font-size: 15px and line-height: 1.8;


you need to focus on

  • padding & spacing
  • color combination
  • font selection
  • logo not matching with other colors


Thank you


-Thank you