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Hello everyone!

I’ve been facing some challenges with uploading my Figma templates on ThemeForest. I have carefully followed the submission guidelines and made sure my templates meet the quality standards. However, I have received rejections multiple times. I would love to hear from those who have successfully uploaded Figma templates on ThemeForest without any rejections. What are some key tips or insights you can share to increase the chances of acceptance? Any specific areas I should focus on or common mistakes to avoid? Your guidance and experiences would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Hi, please upload your images (design) because we can help you, thank you.

Sorry so much, your design don’t ready for themeforest because very poor quality design.

if you don’t mind if possible would you suggest to me how I can make it better?

You have many errors:

  • Colors

  • Typography

  • Very strong shadow

  • Text of button are very big

  • padding/margins

  • Images are bad quality

  • Hierachy

Thank you.

Thanks for pointing the issues. I’ll try my best to get these issues fixed.

Thanks for the support.

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You can see other design in themeforest approved (typography, colors, etc)